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Maddy! I could take your photos all day long! It was so fun and your great in front of a camera. I wish you many great years ahead as you graduate and move north to the Huskies.

Happy Weekend XO Aimee







Little glimpses of warmth this Spring… and last weekend was one of them! Beautiful and sunny for these family portraits at WSU Vancouver. Such a great family to photograph!


















These are the days, where you don’t have to answer to anyone but your sweet baby. My heart just melts, mommy and daughter, look at the love thats bound them forever.

much love to you and Blakely,

Xo Aimee












Missy you are a gorgeous mama and I can tell Blakely is going to be so loved. I hope you cherish these photos for a lifetime as every step of this mama journey is special in its own way. Can’t wait to meet her!


XO Aimee
















Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family! These moments are precious.












This little family of 4 just bumped to 5 as little girl Remy joined them last week. Look at the boys and how they adore her! Enjoy your images Tristin you and Ryan have sure created a beautiful family.


XO Aimee











These girls are the sweetest and just look at those big eyes!! A pretty fall day with lots of color, we couldn’t have asked for a better morning. {The boxes were a hit with the little climbers too!}  The definition of family photos for sure =)   Enjoy Foster Fam!


dsc_8893dsc_8906dsc_8913dsc_8920dsc_8921dsc_8926dsc_8932dsc_8937dsc_8946dsc_8946bdsc_8968dsc_8973dsc_8986dsc_8991dsc_9061dsc_9066dsc_9076dsc_9076bdsc_9082dsc_9114dsc_9116dsc_9133dsc_9138dsc_9159dsc_9162dsc_9164dsc_9169bdsc_9173dsc_9178dsc_9180dsc_9182dsc_9193dsc_9197dsc_9213dsc_9221dsc_9281dsc_9284dsc_9295dsc_9297dsc_9301dsc_9317bdsc_9326                  Everlyn would have stayed all day and thrown rocks in the river. She is so precious ( I mean look at those big blue eyes!) and growing up so fast. We always seem to capture the best mommy daughter moments and those turned out to be my favorite from the session.   Enjoy!    DSC_9366DSC_9384DSC_9394DSC_9402DSC_9402bDSC_9427DSC_9438DSC_9445DSC_9452DSC_9471DSC_9472DSC_9504DSC_9506DSC_9532DSC_9542DSC_9549DSC_9555DSC_9555bDSC_9560DSC_9562DSC_9565DSC_9603DSC_9603bDSC_9608DSC_9620DSC_9626                Logan James Shipp, you are adorable and such a sweet little boy.DSC_9016DSC_9021DSC_9025DSC_9037DSC_9042DSC_9051DSC_9082DSC_9103DSC_9124DSC_9136DSC_9148DSC_9164DSC_9168DSC_9195DSC_9198bDSC_9219DSC_9222bDSC_9247DSC_9255DSC_9257close up                    Chelsi I wish you nothing but the best in the years to come, congrats 2016!!  DSC_8443DSC_8496DSC_8525DSC_8673DSC_8703DSC_8774DSC_8774bDSC_8779DSC_8799DSC_8878DSC_8886                    I can’t wait to meet little baby Logan! He’s going to be loved from head to toe with snuggles galore from his proud parents. Enjoy!   XOXO Aimee  Chris+Sam50 Chris+Sam20Chris+Sam21Chris+Sam15Chris+Sam26Chris+Sam25Chris+Sam27Chris+Sam29Chris+Sam31Chris+Sam32Chris+Sam33Chris+Sam34Chris+Sam35Chris+Sam36Chris+Sam37Chris+Sam38Chris+Sam39Chris+Sam40Chris+Sam42Chris+Sam46Chris+Sam47Chris+Sam48Chris+Sam49Chris+Sam51Chris+Sam52Chris+Sam53Chris+Sam58Chris+Sam59Chris+Sam60Chris+Sam61Chris+Sam73Chris+Sam67Chris+Sam72Chris+Sam71    Little Sophia is blessed to have a wonderful family, so special. May your memories be great and your holidays sweet! Enjoy…              Shipp Family Christmas Session and Baby Announcement…  shippxmas04shippxmas06shippxmas07shippxmas08shippxmas09shippxmas10shippxmas11shippxmas13shippxmas15shippxmas16shippxmas18shippxmas19shippxmas20shippxmas23shippxmas24shippxmas25      Bloomquist Family Christmas Session…      bloomquistxmas01bloomquistxmas04bloomquistxmas07bloomquistxmas08bloomquistxmas09bloomquistxmas11bloomquistxmas12bloomquistxmas13bloomquistxmas16bloomquistxmas17bloomquistxmas20bloomquistxmas22bloomquistxmas23bloomquistxmas25bloomquistxmas27bloomquistxmas29bloomquistxmas31        The Allen Family Christmas Session…      allenfamily01allenfamily02allenfamily03allenfamily04allenfamily05allenfamily06allenfamily07allenfamily08allenfamily09allenfamily10allenfamily11allenfamily12allenfamily14allenfamily16allenfamily17allenfamily18allenfamily19allenfamily20allenfamily21allenfamily22allenfamily23allenfamily24allenfamily26allenfamily27allenfamily28allenfamily29allenfamily30allenfamily31allenfamily32allenfamily33          Such a sweet family! The candy canes did the trick in the end and we captured some beautiful smiles, Merry Christmas to your family!!  

                Just a few out-takes of our Christmas card shoot with my boys. Happy Holidays to all!!    DSC_8917DSC_8923DSC_8934DSC_8937DSC_8972DSC_8986DSC_8989DSC_9037DSC_9060DSC_9069DSC_9092DSC_9112DSC_9125DSC_9128DSC_9145DSC_9164DSC_9175DSC_9182DSC_9193DSC_9208DSC_9254DSC_9330Cam, I hope you have a fast recovery and many wonderful years ahead! Enjoy, Aimee  cam01cam02cam03cam04cam05cam06cam07cam08cam09cam10cam11cam12cam13cam14cam15cam16cam17                  Happy Senior year to you Ian! Wishes to you for a great future, Aimee    ian01ian02ian03ian04ian05ian06ian07ian08ian09ian10ian11ian12ian13ian14ian15ian16      Little Harlow is 6 months and can now sit up! She was adorable her entire session, it’s been a treat to watch her go through the many newborn stages. More memories and cute pics to come! XO Aimee      Conner’s senior session started at an old farm and then we finished up the session at the river, along with his 3 brothers. It was a gorgeous fall day and the oranges are starting to show in the leaves. Conner I wish you nothing but the best in this coming year, make the most of your senior year!   AimeeDSC_7185wDSC_7191DSC_7191bDSC_7206DSC_7246DSC_7262DSC_7297DSC_7314DSC_7318DSC_7366DSC_7497DSC_7506DSC_7517DSC_7533DSC_7555          Molly and sweet Emery were able to meet up with me in Oregon at Smith Rock for Emery’s 6 month session. I’m honored that you have me capture sweet moments of your family every time you come visit. She is an absolute doll and has such a precious smile. Enjoy your photos they turned our pretty neat at this desert location.   XO Aimee             Little Harlow Glee is already 4 months! Time flys when babes are so tiny. Enjoy your little girls ever changing faces, we all love her grumpy frown!                    Mikayla, my little but not so much anymore cousin. You are beautiful in every way, smart and  funny with a little sass. I wish nothing but the best for you M and know that whatever comes your way you will excel beyond normal. I only wish we could still go to NY together and live like we once planned, you would have been old enough now, maybe you still can?! Dream BIG, Love you much!!   Just a little preview, sooo many more to come (its crazy how many…)             Your family was such a JOY to work with. All laughs and everyone was out to have a good time. I hope the wedding weekend was wonderful!   Thank you!        blog01blog02blog03blog04blog05blog06blog07blog08blog09blog10blog11blog12blog13blog14blog15blog16blog17    Seriously this little girl is a doll! I’m loving her serious looks, we tried to get some smiles but with those blue eyes and beautiful gazes who needs those. When she was a newborn she fit right into that white mail box, it was great of her mama to include it in her one year session. (Had to have one of Danika doing up her girls hair since she’s a stylist =) ) Your family is a beautiful thing and these moments will be cherished forever as you look back on the day we trudged thru tall grass and sticker bushes!   Enjoy XOXO            Just a few weeks ago we were taking maternity photos of Skye and her hubby Jeff. Little Harlow was 7 days old when we captured these memories. She is a sweet, special little girl. I have been waiting for Skye to have a babe for way longer than 9 months!! Harlow’s little cousin Braelyn is still a tiny peanut and joined in for a few snaps at the end. Which I must say the grumpy photo of the both of them is my favorite, months from now it will bring you back to that time where their cries are sweet and needy, changing as they grow (which happens all to fast!).   Enjoy these little moments as a new mama and family… XO Aimee    skye+jeff13  someday we will get little miss on this adorable table…  skye+jeff40      |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||             Skye and Jeff, I can’t wait to meet your baby girl, lots of snuggles coming her way! She will be presciuos and your time together as a family will be amazing. Wishing you three the best in the months to come!   XO        skye+jeff35skye+jeff01skye+jeff03skye+jeff04skye+jeff06skye+jeff07skye+jeff08skye+jeff10skye+jeff11skye+jeff12skye+jeff13skye+jeff14skye+jeff15skye+jeff16skye+jeff17skye+jeff18skye+jeff20skye+jeff21skye+jeff22skye+jeff24skye+jeff26skye+jeff27skye+jeff28skye+jeff30    Such a sweet, sweet session!  This little 3 week baby girl did an amazing job. She does love her hands up close to her face, so she excaped from our tight wraps a few times and thats when we captured her adorable stretches. I hope your new addition is nothing but happy!   Enjoy!                 Welcome little baby Braelyn! This sweetie pie was 6 days old when we captured these adorable photos. She did amazing and when she needed some comfort Mom and Dad came to the rescue. I love the image with their hands on her, puts into perspective how tiny she is. I hope your little family is enjoying these precious days, and I wish you nothing but the best in the days to come. xx                     This little family, so adorable! Mr. Hunter made the sweetest faces, he also just discovered his tongue, so cute. I hope you enjoy your photos, he will be changing so soon and these memories will last forever.   Thank you Shipp family!shippfamily01shippfamily02shippfamily03shippfamily04shippfamily05shippfamily06shippfamily07shippfamily08shippfamily09shippfamily10shippfamily11shippfamily12shippfamily13shippfamily14shippfamily15shippfamily16shippfamily17shippfamily18shippfamily19shippfamily20shippfamily21shippfamily22shippfamily23shippfamily24shippfamily25shippfamily26shippfamily27shippfamily28shippfamily29shippfamily30shippfamily31shippfamily32shippfamily33shippfamily34shippfamily35shippfamily36      Nicole had such a pretty fall session, we snuck it in before the rain hit! We started the session at Daybreak park, the grey rocks and large fallen tree’s made for wonderful props. The session then ended at an old farmhouse out in La Center, with great old barn wood and tall dreamy grass. Nicole was awesome (mom too!) as they climbed fences and layed down on not so soft ground. I hope you have a great senior year at Prairie and love Clark!   Thank you Nicole!  DSC_6224DSC_6260DSC_6263DSC_6330DSC_6335DSC_6362DSC_6392DSC_6440DSC_6445DSC_6478DSC_6498DSC_6508DSC_6508bDSC_6521DSC_6536DSC_6541DSC_6545DSC_6634DSC_6680DSC_6688DSC_6695DSC_6777DSC_6790DSC_6793DSC_6798DSC_6802DSC_6810DSC_6839DSC_6870DSC_6875DSC_6893DSC_6896DSC_6946DSC_6987    Maddie is such a photogenic girl! It was hard for me to narrow it down and get her the preview on time! We had a wonderful sunny evening, shooting around the best old mint building and taking advantage of the great surroundings in Yacolt. I hope you enjoy the few days left of summer before you head back to your senior year.   Thank you Maddie!!  DSC_5258DSC_5260DSC_5279DSC_5284DSC_5293DSC_5293bDSC_5312DSC_5323DSC_5331DSC_5361DSC_5369DSC_5387DSC_5419DSC_5483DSC_5491DSC_5566DSC_5574DSC_5585DSC_5595DSC_5683DSC_5694DSC_5701DSC_5701bDSC_5705DSC_5710DSC_5717DSC_5720DSC_5765DSC_5796DSC_5840DSC_5845DSC_5906DSC_5906bDSC_5914    ///////////////////////       It’s about that time we finally took my baby boy’s 2 year photos. Kyson’s birthday was in June after-all! He just makes me smile, those big serious eyes and then his sweet side comes out. I love you son!  DSC_8035wDSC_7828DSC_7832DSC_7832bDSC_7836DSC_7837DSC_7847DSC_7848DSC_7849DSC_7853DSC_7877DSC_7879DSC_7882bDSC_7900DSC_7900bDSC_7906DSC_7909DSC_7919DSC_7931DSC_7933DSC_7943DSC_7947DSC_7947bDSC_7948DSC_7953DSC_7962DSC_7969DSC_7970DSC_7976DSC_7979DSC_7985DSC_8010DSC_8023DSC_8023b    Sticks, sand and water could entertain a little boy for hours. Brayden has such an adorable personality! It was so fun to capture his smiles and laughs. Safe travels back to Arizona and enjoy your time in Washington!! Thank you!      DSC_7702bDSC_7376DSC_7390DSC_7392DSC_7462DSC_7518DSC_7537DSC_7545DSC_7557DSC_7564DSC_7573DSC_7583DSC_7616DSC_7627DSC_7638DSC_7640DSC_7645DSC_7645bDSC_7652DSC_7663DSC_7663bDSC_7702DSC_7774    The Tinch Family wanted to take a trip to Washington to get out of the hot summer heat in Arizona and visit their favorite beach. I had the wonderful privilege to capture their family session down at Fisherman’s Bar in Vancouver. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your family photos!  DSC_6147blDSC_5542DSC_5544DSC_5561DSC_5583DSC_5583bDSC_5604DSC_5611DSC_5789DSC_5826DSC_5837DSC_5863DSC_5936DSC_5946DSC_5991DSC_6011DSC_6019DSC_6059DSC_6090DSC_6100DSC_6116DSC_6135DSC_6147          Little Baby Ty sure loves his mama! He was so comfortable when surrounded by her warmth. We wore the sweet little guy out and at the very end he fell asleep on his mama’s tummy. I hope you and your family, (Tikka and Moose included) have a very special summer! Thank you Jillian and Andy!  DSC_5468ty10x10 close upDSC_5255bDSC_5284DSC_5289DSC_5292DSC_5315DSC_5320DSC_5327DSC_5333DSC_5338DSC_5347DSC_5366bDSC_5381DSC_5381bDSC_5400DSC_5411DSC_5424DSC_5435DSC_5435bDSC_5439DSC_5448bDSC_5454DSC_5468DSC_5510                Baby girl Everlyn is very special, she was born on Mother’s day! Her Mom and Dad choose to wait until the delivery to find out the gender. So precious this little baby girl is. Her room is beautiful and her parents adore her to no end. Treasure these special moments that were captured of Everlyn, she will change so fast! Thank you Danika and Scott!            Hunter was only 8 days old when we captured his newborn session, a head full of hair and a tiny bundle of love. He met this world at 5lbs 15oz, tiny! His Mama had to sew him special little leggings to fit him, which turned out too cute! His room is adorable, arrows, mint green and antlers. Even the kitty wanted a little attention during the session. Enjoy this special time you have with Hunter Joe.   Please feel free to leave the Happy Family lots of Love in the comment section…   Brown Booties with Buttons Made by, Stitches and Moor Sheep Rug, Ikea      DSC_2569hDSC_2481DSC_2504DSC_2461DSC_2511DSC_2512DSC_2522DSC_2524DSC_2529DSC_2532DSC_2544DSC_2487DSC_2555DSC_2576DSC_2579DSC_2605DSC_2610DSC_2611DSC_2614DSC_2634DSC_2645DSC_2675DSC_2494DSC_2691DSC_2701DSC_2718DSC_2723DSC_2737hunter close upsDSC_2488DSC_2405DSC_2431DSC_2439DSC_2437DSC_2434DSC_2433DSC_2380          Waiting for spring and the sunshine that comes with it…yellowmugweb          Another Maternity session, a special suprise coming soon, the couple chose to find out when the little baby is delivered if it will be a little girl or boy…how exciting!  DSC_1624DSC_1637DSC_1644DSC_1658DSC_1699DSC_1706DSC_1884bDSC_1890bDSC_1907b          Maternity, light and bright, gorgeous mirror and baby booties. This session was so relaxing, we tuned into Pandora’s Nora Jones station and it was like a spa experience for Mama to be.